Welcome to the CCS Certification Program website. The purpose of CCS Certification Program is to recognize companies with high levels of safety achievement and to provide an easily-accessible, standardized safety program review that allows construction consumers ("facility owners") as well as contractors to safety prequalify their subcontractors.

For contractors that are applying to the CCS Certification Program in order to bid on work, please be advised that the process will take about two months, so it is important not to wait until the last minute to complete the application. The basic steps of the process are:

  • Complete the online application and fee payment
  • Complete the Safety Program Review (SPRS)
  • Auditor reviews and scores the SPRS
  • Potential Home Office Audit

In order to use this system or participate in the program, you must create a user name and password. Please be sure to keep a record of these as you will need them to access information in the database.

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CCS Town Hall

"Planning for Success and Safety
in a Multigenerational Workplace"

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Mark Taylor

Join CCS for our annual Town Hall Meeting on December 3rd at the Wyndham Indianapolis West. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Mark Taylor, an award-winning speaker recognized internationally as an educator, expert and consultant who is on the forefront of transformations in educational practice and workplace management.

Today's workplace can be an challenging mixture of four generations: Traditionals, Boomers, Xers and our youngest workers from Generation NeXt.  Successfully navigating, managing and ensuring people stay safe requires being able to understand, communicate with and lead everyone, from each generational group. Understanding typical generational values, traits, preferences and styles can improve recruitment, work effectiveness and workplace harmony as well as employee satisfaction and retention.

Dr. Taylor's workshop will address the generational issues and dynamics in the workplace with specific, immediately applicable suggestions for being an effective leader and developing the most productive, positive, effective and safe work setting for all workers.

In addition to the keynote presentation, the Town Hall will feature two breakout sessions. One will have a panel discussion by the winners from this year's CCS Awards Banquet and the other will address Safety in Design.

Space is limited so make plans to attend this informative and interactive event right away!

Click here to register.

Special room rate available at the Wyndham Indianapolis West for those who want to come in the night before the Town Hall. The CCS group rate is $109/night + tax. To make a reservation, call (317) 248-2481 or (877) 361-4511 and ask for the Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS) group rate. To receive this special rate, reservations must be made by Wednesday, November 25.


If your company is completing a late 2014 annual renewal, make sure to choose the renew with changes option. That is the only way that you will be able to address the new safety program policy requirements on your SPRS.

When you are updating your SPRS, please note that any mandatory items that are new or were not previously addressed by your company will be highlighted in red and have a blank page number box.  Any best practices items that are new or were not previously addressed by your company will have a blank page number box, but will not be highlighted.

All program policies that were previously scored as having met the requirement will have a "G" in the PDF page number box. The G stands for "grandfathered." Please do not change these references. Only the policies that you add or make changes to will be scored.

All other companies have the option of either renewing with or without changes, depending upon whether they wish for some or all of their safety program to be re-evaluated.

More information about changes to the MICCS Certification Program website and program requirements effective 1/1/2014