Welcome to the CCS Certification Program website. The purpose of CCS Certification Program is to recognize companies with high levels of safety achievement and to provide an easily-accessible, standardized safety program review that allows construction consumers ("facility owners") as well as contractors to safety prequalify their subcontractors.

For contractors that are applying to the CCS Certification Program in order to bid on work, please be advised that the process will take about two months, so it is important not to wait until the last minute to complete the application. The basic steps of the process are:

  • Complete the online application and fee payment
  • Complete the Safety Program Review (SPRS)
  • Auditor reviews and scores the SPRS
  • Potential Home Office Audit

In order to use this system or participate in the program, you must create a user name and password. Please be sure to keep a record of these as you will need them to access information in the database.

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MICCS has formally changed its name to the Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS). The Board of Directors made the change in 2015 as part of the strategic plan for the organization. One of the strategic goals is to take our programs national and our footprint has already expanded beyond the metropolitan Indianapolis area, so a more inclusive name was needed.

While the name has changed, our mission has not. CCS is dedicated to the elimination of construction and facilities maintenance jobsite injuries and illnesses with the ultimate objective of returning construction and maintenance workers home to their families, friends and communities free from harm.

REMINDER: In January, all companies are to to input their 2015 Injuries and Illnesses statistics (OSHA 300A Log) and upload their 300A log in order to remain current in the CCS Certification Program. 

Please log in to your record in CCS Certification and click the Update Annual Stats button on the lower left of the Dashboard Screen.  Input the stats into the 2015 fields.  You will then be prompted to upload your log.

If the statistics are not input by February 1, 2016, your company will be moved to the “Not Current” status until the information is entered.

Please Note: Updating your Injuries and Illnesses information is NOT your Annual Renewal. Companies are asked to renew annually based upon their worker’s compensation policy expiration date. You will receive reminder emails prior to your annual renewal date.